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Classes are denoted as the following on our schedule:

Hot (90-95 degrees)

Not Hot (74-80 degrees) these classes could be in the Bodhi or Banyan Room

Barre and Combo Fit classes are located in the Bodhi Room and are kept (72-74 degrees)


Yoga Rescue
Rejuvenate, relax, and rest with this restorative yoga class.  This class will start with meditation, and then move to several postures that use blocks, blankets, bolsters, eye pillows, sandbags, basically all the yoga toys to set you up  to restore the body.  Remain completely supported in each posture for 5-10 minutes.  Come let us pamper care of you!

Power-up your body and mind with this challenging class.  “Breath-synchronized movement” increases internal heat to stoke your metabolism, and unique sequences keep your mind sharp.  Build greater awareness and strength in your legs, shoulders and core, and have some fun with advanced arm balances and inversions.

Just Right
Goldilocks said it best!  This all level flow is not too hard and not too easy.  Join us for a vinyasa flow that gives you a variety of poses with some basic arm balances to keep your day "just right".

Slow Flow
Enjoy this mindful movement that nourishes the body, mind, and soul!  This slow flow offers time for meditation, breathing practices (pranayama), and asana linked with minimal vinyasas.

Enjoy long stretchy holds to satisfy your body, mind, and soul.  Yin is a slow-paced style of yoga with postures held for longer periods of time.  This class fosters to all levels.  Some teachers choose to use essential oils in these classes.


Ease into your practice with gentle movements that warm your body.  Move onto standing postures with a focus on alignment and movement healing to the body. This class won't take from seated to standing over and over.  We start seated, move gently to standing and stay standing until we finish with some accessible seated stretches.  This class is for students that need a slow moving practice, students recovering from injury, or students that may just enjoy an easier pace.

Donation Class
This is a cash donation only class.  This class is designed to serve the Wadsworth Community.  Donations taken during this class will go towards a local charity of the teacher’s choice.  Join us in supporting our community and making Wadsworth a better place.  

Kids Yoga Saturday

For the month of February and March enjoy kids yoga on Saturdays from 11:30-12:30pm. Come to one, all, or some of this four week series.  You enjoy your mat time and let Sheri entertain  the kids.  She will teach them yoga poses, enjoy crafts and coloring, and of course disco dancing and games!

Private Session
The Roots Yoga instructors are happy to provide personal and dedicated instruction to individuals who prefer private sessions.  Contact the Studio for scheduling. 


Barre Basics

Learn the fundamentals of barre fitness in this class founded on the method of dance, core focus, and mind body connection.  Enjoy the benefits of lengthening, sculpting, and toning that this class offers to the body.  Small movements, isometric holds, and detailed instruction will prepare you for any barre class at the studio.  This class is great for both beginners and experienced students.


The Full Body Barre workout focuses on intensely challenging the muscles alternating with stretching to elongate the muscles creating a lean dancer body. The challenge of the workout is to grip into the muscle, maintain the contraction in the muscle during movement and not allow the muscle to relax. You will learn how to isolate the larger muscles (quads, hamstrings, and glutes) and take them to fatigue, building stamina at the barre and maintain form. This will help us work intrinsically into the smaller muscles creating the elongated and lean long look of the muscles.

Ballet Fit

This ballet inspired fitness class is much different from our regular barre fitness classes.  This class focuses on the foundations of ballet with a little pilates included.  Ballet terminology is introduced throughout the class.  This is a class that brings out your inner ballerina and is suitable for all levels.


Combo Fit

This suspended total body resistance exercise class is full of push, pull, plank, squat, lung and rotational movements to enhance your personal health journey.  This class format consists of intervals of 40 seconds of work and 20 seconds rest and includes some a warm up, cardio movements,  and yoga.