Melinda Key
Melinda Key Yoga Pose

Melinda Key

Why did you start practicing yoga?

To balance out my fitness routine with all my running and weight training I love so much.

Describe what students can expect when they come to your classes?

For my yoga strength fusion classes, you can expect a full body workout using light weights (3-8lbs) incorporated into yoga poses to increase your strength and flexibility at the same time. There will be music, laughter and encouragement!
At my power/flow classes you will be challenged with a variety of flows to promote mobility of your body as well as stability and balance.

What’s your style?

Varies from day to day some days will be heavy on the strength side some days might be more on the relaxation side.

What would your final meal be if this was your last day on earth?

Guacamole, salsa, chips, tacos and cheesecake. YUM!

What is your favorite song or artist and why?

Taylor Swift, because I grew up listening to her music and have related to her music through various life stages.

Who or what inspires you?

My Mom because she works hard and gives selflessly to everyone around her.

What is one thing you couldn’t live without?


If you could live in a book, TV show or Movie, what would it be?


What animal best represents you and why?

A dolphin, because they are free and happy and swim and jump in the ocean!

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and how would you use it?

Teleportation. To travel and see all the wonders of the world! 


200hr yoga certification from Roots Yoga. Personal training certification through the National Personal Training Institute. Ohio Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant.