Teacher Training

“The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.”-Alexandra Trenfor


Want to deepen your yoga practice, further your knowledge of yoga, or share your love for yoga with others?  Here is your chance to immerse yourself in the world of yoga and become a teacher yourself!  Maybe you’re feeling as if you don’t really want to be a teacher at all, but would like to dive deeper into learning about your practice and you!  It’s your time to learn the ROOTS of this yoga tradition and join us for your Yoga Teacher Training!

You’re  encouraged to embark on your yoga journey by lead teacher Jamie McDaniel 500 RYT and guest teacher/s Anne Ondrey, Cortney Martinelli, Betsy Black and others.   It’s time for you to advance your practice, gain understanding of yoga history and philosophy, develop skills in assisting, learn to lead and create organized vinyasa and slow flow  yoga classes, increase your understanding of  anatomy,  and  enhance who you were designed to be!

Wadsworth Teacher Training will be held on Thursdays from 5-9p.m. and Sundays 12:00-6:00 p.m. starting September 12th, 2019 and finish on December 15th. Two Saturday sessions will be included... dates TBD. The restorative teacher training will be a portion of our TT.    Reiki Level 1 will also be included in this training with Cortney Martinelli.  For more information on her training click here.

Registration: To register or inquire, contact Jamie at

This transformational journey will include:

  • teacher training manual and additional books

  • Experience workshops/lessons from outside teachers

  • Unlimited classes during the training dates

  • 200 HR Teacher Training (TT) course and books

  • Reiki Level 1 Certification (not a required portion of training)

  • Restorative Teacher Training

  • Ayuvedic Experience with Betsy Black

“Yoga Teacher Training with Jamie is life-changing. I learned to be a better human being while simultaneously growing a new community and more refined physical practice. You just can't find that anywhere. They don't sell it in books or stores. You can't learn that online. You have to dive in, head first and trust your teacher to lead you where you need to be. Jamie's that person and she does it with her whole heart.”

Sarah Miley

2017 200 HR TT Graduate

“5 Stars! Teacher Training with Jamie has been wonderful! She has an undeniable passion for yoga and a strong desire for all of her students to succeed. I am finishing the program with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to begin my journey as a yoga teacher.”

Niki Sponsler

2017 200 HR TT Graduate

"When contemplating a Yoga 200-hour Teacher Training Program I had certain factors to take into consideration. I needed something that could fit a busy schedule and met all the criteria for a certifiable program. Refreshingly, I had to look no further than my home town at Studio Rise. Owner Aubrey Bates and Lead Instructor Jamie McDaniel constructed a timetable and a program that optimized a tangible and workable space, physically and mentally.

As a full time employee and a mother of two, the schedule suited my lifestyle and Rise offered an agenda I could work with. That got me in the door. I could use this opportunity to describe how the program balanced the passing of our instructors’ (massive) knowledge base with the time for gathering experience and a thoroughness of all aspects of yoga as a discipline and as a business beautifully. I could go on to say how I finished feeling confident and ready to teach, grow, and learn more. I could focus on the value I received in training, practice, materials, and time. All of that would be true but none of that compares to the overwhelming care I found.

These women pour their entire being, soul, heart, mind, and body into their craft/art/work. They believed in us and did whatever it took to make sure we also believed in ourselves. They worked alongside us and gave us each the tools we specifically needed to grow. Taking the time and energy to learn about each of us and channeling what they discovered through the wisdom of their hearts, they brought each of us up to, not only instructor level, but guided us through a standard of living. They balanced a push for excellence with an encouraging demeanor and, speaking for myself, prodded gently through the unsuspected emotional and mental process of training. I think the world of them and would recommend their training program to anyone looking, not only to learn how to instruct in yoga, but to come into being as both an instructor and life-long learner.”

Rebecca Zickefoos

2017 200 HR TT Graduate