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Reiki and Restore

October 28th 3:00-4:30

Cost: $20

Instructor: Casey Smith


Spend your Sunday afternoon unwinding from the weekend and recharging for the week ahead.  In this 90-minute workshop, we will begin by briefly learning about what reiki healing energy is, and then we will dive deep into relaxation with a restorative yoga practice.  While beginning to settle into restorative poses, each individual will receive chakra testing followed by reiki throughout the class.  Receiving reiki in these restorative poses is meant to inspire a deep sense of tranquility and well-being.  At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will receive a handout detailing their chakra results as well as an essential oil roll-on to use for at-home practices.

Yoga and Sound Immersion


October 19th


Cost $25 with preregistration

Join Ylonda Rosenthal-Greene for a yoga and sound experience. We’ll start by getting intentional with a HOT heart pounding, beat driven flow that will leave you feeling strong and empowered. Then we’ll slow it down to get grounded serenaded by live electric cello ending with an extended savasana and full sound bath of singing bowls, gong and mantra, for a balanced mind/body experience. 

OH- AH- OK-  WOW - Beyond Beginners !

Cost: $60

Instructor: Pamela Price

Three Week Series- Nov. 4th, Nov. 11th, and Nov. 18th


Deepen your connection to your strength and flexibility.  


For anyone with a foundational knowledge of Yoga poses and interested in learning and FEELING more in their poses.  We will discuss those sometimes mysterious teaching words like engage, root, and external/internal rotation and explore alignment and modifications for each student's range of motion in active movement, twisting and stillness.  Then we will investigate multiple options to explore when you want to engage challenge or embrace steady ease in your Sun A's, Standing Asana's, Balancing poses and some but not all arm balances.

Class size is limited to 15 so Register Early

Harry Potter Yoga

November 3rd

Instructor: Kristine Graham

Harry Potter 2.png

Calling all Witches and Wizards! Hogwarts school of Yoga is here! Pass through Platform 9¾ into the magical world of Harry Potter. Select your wand at Olivanders, be sorted by the Sorting Hat, and flow through a sequence of enchanted poses.

The Sorcerer's Stone Flow


$30 for Family

This is a family-style class for ages 5-12. Led by Professor McGonagall, parents and their underage wizards will flow through Harry Potter themed yoga poses and partner poses, practice charms and spells, and play a riveting game of Quidditch tag.

The Deathly Hallows Flow 


$20 if Preregistered

combines the mic of yoga with the magic of Harry Potter in a fun and imaginative all-levels vinyasa class.

Wizards of all levels are welcome. Harry Potter attire is encouraged (but not required). Photobooth opportunities available before and after class to capture this magical experience!


Friday, November 16, 2018



Join Tracy Rhinehart in an action-packed, theatrical yogic adventure!!

This ninety minute vinyasa practice will bring the stories of the Hindu deities to life with music, costume and more drama than a Facebook page! Hear the story of the Warriors, dance with Shiva and learn why balancing half moon is only half of a moon. This fun and inspiring experience requires your yoga mat and your imagination, and is suitable for experienced yogis and yoginis. 

Gratitude in Motion


Members Free (please sign up at the studio so you aren’t charged), Non Members $15

Instructor: Amy Tucker

Pause for a moment this Thanksgiving Morning for a Just Right Flow with a focus on gratitude. This 75 minute flow is just the right way to start your holiday! Bring a family member that is in town for the holiday or make it a family event for your pre-turkey festivities!

Post Turkey Burn

November 23rd 9:30-11:00


Members Free (please sign up at the studio so you aren’t charged), Non-Members $15

Instructor: Megan Krebs

Find your breath, feel the heat, set your gaze and surrender to the flow in a 90-minute Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga practice designed to transform the body and spirit.  Develop strength and flexibility during this well balanced practice. Venture through 53 asanas in 11 series, each with a specific yet simple purpose, leading every student into their personal power and getting rid of that excess food and turkey.  

Solstice Retreat

Winter Solstice.jpg

Instructor: Anne Ondrey

LIMITED to 10 people

December 16th


How much time do you devote to deep relaxation? In this extended workshop, we'll invite our nervous systems to settle into a slow rhythm that is rarely found in the busyness of our daily lives. True self care is not a luxury but truly a necessity that allows our systems to flourish! Take time during this winter solstice to create a focus, stop, slow down, and nourish yourself.


Most restorative yoga classes are 75 to 90 minutes long. Imagine spending five hours releasing tension with fascial rolling, restorative poses, guided relaxation, breathing practices, Reiki healing and journaling. Join us and nourish yourself and find the quiet.


This retreat is led by Anne Ondrey who has trained in restorative yoga with Judith Lasater at the advanced level.  Anne teaches restorative yoga teacher training, is a certified yoga therapist and is a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master. She is a former journalist and social worker who has learned the hard way that self care is survival!

Buti Yoga Glow (women only)

January 25th



Reclaim your Feminine Power With a glow in the dark Buti Yoga class. Join Ylonda and an empowering playlist full of tribal beats. This buti class that will honor our sacred connection to life that is present in every moment. This doesn’t mean wearing dresses and splashing on makeup (although you can)! This means tapping into that vulnerable place inside each and every one of us. The place that connects us to all things, and bursts with nurturing energy and divine love that many women need to rediscover. It’s going to be a night of pure sister tribe and support, so come as you are!

At 7 we will spend time socializing and using glow bodypaint and glow tatoos to prepare for the fun!  Then enjoy an hour of Buti yoga flow.