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Solstice Retreat

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Instructor: Anne Ondrey

LIMITED to 10 people

December 16th


Exchange: $99

How much time do you devote to deep relaxation? In this extended workshop, we'll invite our nervous systems to settle into a slow rhythm that is rarely found in the busyness of our daily lives. True self care is not a luxury but truly a necessity that allows our systems to flourish! Take time during this winter solstice to create a focus, stop, slow down, and nourish yourself.


Most restorative yoga classes are 75 to 90 minutes long. Imagine spending five hours releasing tension with fascial rolling, restorative poses, guided relaxation, breathing practices, Reiki healing and journaling. Join us and nourish yourself and find the quiet.


This retreat is led by Anne Ondrey who has trained in restorative yoga with Judith Lasater at the advanced level.  Anne teaches restorative yoga teacher training, is a certified yoga therapist and is a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master. She is a former journalist and social worker who has learned the hard way that self care is survival!

Holiday Reboot

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December 29th 3-4:30pm

Instructor: Megan Krebs

Exchange: $20

Needing a magical afternoon to reset and reboot your system from running from one holiday event to the next? Rest, relax and recharge your spirit.  This candlelit, 90-minute restorative class is the perfect way to restore energy and refocus the mind after the busy holiday season.   Treat yourself or a friend to the gift of peace and tranquility.  Expect lots of comfy blankets, bolsters and pillows, aromatherapy, light massage, and a long, sweet Savasana. 


Create Your Vision, Live Your Dream in 2019:

December 30th 2-4pm

Instructor: Casey Smith

Exchange: $25 if preregistered

If you are like most of us, you probably have goals for the New Year.  One of the most powerful ways to manifest your goals is to start with a vision and create an intention.  We’ll begin our session by participating in a brief guided meditation to allow for visualization of what you’d like to achieve in 2019 and in life as a whole. Next, we’ll add in some gentle stretching and restorative yoga to relax the body. Chakras will be tested as we relax and results will be shared.  Once we have created space for our dreams to become reality, we will get cozy, sip on some tea, and work through creating vision boards together.  No meditation or vision board experience is necessary- all are welcome! Get ready to make 2019 your best year yet!
Participants will receive all materials needed to create a vision board, as well as tea and a *special gift* to help manifest their dreams in 2019.  


Count Down to 2019

December 31st 9:30am-11:00am

Instructor: Heather Dayton

Exchange: Free to Members; $16 to drop in

Join Heather Dayton for a Year in review with this sweaty, powerful flow that ends with dessert...YIN! From music to memories of 2018 Heather leads you through reminiscing and leaves you with space to look forward to the new year!

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F I R E…

Jan. 1st 10:00-11:30am

Instructor: Pamela Price

Members Free, Drop in $16

Fuel, Ignite, Rise, Empower

This transformative element of FIRE creates change. A new year, new goals, YOU with a new perspective. Join Pamela to stoke your inner fire and create intention for 2019! This 90 minute vigorous and spirited flow with blazing peaks and incadescent valleys of opportunity will tend to your inner flame. You belong in this sea of flames!

Love, Reiki, Vibration:

The best way to know Reiki is to experience it…

Join Cortney Martinelli, author of the new book Love, Reiki, Vibration for a 90 minute, informative and high-vibing workshop.

January 4th 7-8:30pm (book signing following)

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Exchange: $20


We’ll start the workshop with a short and playful discussion about Reiki, vibration and chakras. Followed by a blissful practice where you’ll get to experience Reiki while indulging in three restorative yoga poses that were specifically designed for receiving the full benefits of Reiki. In the first pose, your chakras will be tested and your results will be given to you at the end of class with a chart explaining more.


Reiki is a Japanese healing technique, it is administered by gently laying hands on a person. The word Reiki comes from two Japanese words – Rei and Ki. Ki meaning life force energy. This life force energy (also referred to as vibration) is what animates us all. We want this energy to vibrate, scientifically speaking, between 62-72 MHz. But sometimes, due to lifestyle choices, we drop below 62 where we become more susceptible to stress and anxiety-related conditions (colds, diseases etc.). This is where Reiki and other high-flying lifestyle choices (like yoga!) help us to increase our ki, our prana, our vibration; restoring balance back to the physical body.

Workshop will close with the option to buy Cortney’s new book Love, Reiki, Vibration and have it signed by her at the workshop!

Learn more about Cortney at

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Beginners Workshop

January 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th and and February 2nd from 1:00-2:15pm

Instructor: Pamela Price

Exchange: $60

Interesting in learning the basics of Yoga?

A series of five classes offers a welcoming and fun environment where everyone is new to yoga. This workshop is designed specifically for new students or anyone interested in a refresher of the basics. You will learn the foundational and basic postures one at a time, be introduced to yoga breathing (pranayama) and exposed to the history and roots of the Yoga practice and its evolution. Your new to yoga community will meet each week for five weeks learning the fundamentals and have an collective and active dialogue to your questions! Our goal is to inspire comfort and ability to the basics of yoga so you can begin and continue exploring what Yoga can offer you.

Class size is limited to 15 students so register early!

• Step-by-step instruction to foundational postures and guidance on how to make “modifications” or adjustments to fit your needs and abilities.
• An explanation of the finding and using Yogic breath (PRANAYAMA)
• Learn how to "yoga flow" by linking yoga postures (ASANA's) and your breath (PRANYAMA).
• Introduction to preparing for a yoga practice(Integration/Intention setting) and Seated Meditation

• Arrive 15 minutes before the workshop begins;
• Wear exercise clothing that allows for comfortable movement;
• Avoid eating at least 1 hour before;
• Bring water, towel and yoga mat (mat rentals are available at the studio)

We will meet five consecutive Saturdays starting January 5th.


A Family Winter Wonderland Adventure

January 13th


Instructor: Kristine Graham (the Harry Potter Girl)

Exchange: $30 if Preregistered, $35 after January 1st

Calling all Snowgis! Bring the outdoor winter fun inside in this fun and playful family yoga experience! Warm up with flowing yoga poses inspired by snowy weather favorites-- snow angels, snowboarding, skiing, sledding, and skating. Create ice sculptures with your child in fun partner poses, and see if you have what it takes to win the family yoga ice sculpture creation contest! Work up a sweat and share in the laughter of snowball fight dodgeball (we have indoor snowballs!) and ice skating yoga tag. Wind down with partner breathing exercises, gratitude sharing, and a snuggly savasana. Winter holiday inspired face painting, hot cocoa, and a fun photo booth opportunity will be available before and after class. No previous yoga experience necessary. Appropriate for kids ages 5-12. Yoga mats are available to borrow at the studio. Investment in this fun workshop is just $35 for the entire family. Don't miss this joyful winter wonderland experience!

Buti Yoga Glow (women only)

January 25th


Exchange: $20


Reclaim your Feminine Power With a glow in the dark Buti Yoga class. Join Ylonda and an empowering playlist full of tribal beats. This buti class that will honor our sacred connection to life that is present in every moment. This doesn’t mean wearing dresses and splashing on makeup (although you can)! This means tapping into that vulnerable place inside each and every one of us. The place that connects us to all things, and bursts with nurturing energy and divine love that many women need to rediscover. It’s going to be a night of pure sister tribe and support, so come as you are!

At 7 we will spend time socializing and using glow bodypaint and glow tatoos to prepare for the fun!  Then enjoy an hour of Buti yoga flow. 

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Taught by: Cortney Martinelli, Reiki Master and CYT

January 27th 12:00-3:00pm

Exchange: $30

Time: 3 hoursEverything in the field of wellness and personal growth can and should revolve around the basic concept that every-SINGLE-thing we choose to eat, think, feel and do EITHER lowers or raises our vibration. Because of this, everyone should understand how to raise their vibration. But while many have heard vague references to the concept, very few know what that means or how to do it.


This class will demonstrate how everything is determined by your personal frequency and how you can improve the quality of your mood, your physical health, your career, your intimate relationships, your family life and more – simply by learning and applying the concepts we will explore in this class.


  • We will explore what vibration means

  • Learn four basic principles of vibration

Everything is energy

We are vibrating at a certain level

We are attracting people, places, experiences based on this level

A substance with a higher frequency can cause a lower frequency to raise

  • You will discover what YOUR current vibration is (YES! Bring on the quiz)

  • EXPERIENCE first-hand what lowers and raises your personal vibration

  • Leave with resources and a PERSONALIZED game plan on how to implement a few specific changes IN YOUR LIFE


You will learn in this class that it is the result of small, consistent daily choices that will RADICALLY reboot your life! After this class, you will see yourself as having far more potential than you’ve considered before – IT’S ALL IN YOUR HANDS – you will be empowered to take charge of your life!


If you are reading this, it is no accident, you are ready to RADICALLY reboot your life!!